Lumière Essentielle: Come eliminare la maschera grigia e sprigionare la luce naturale del viso con Darrphin

Lumière Essentielle di Darphin

It’s that’s time of the year again.

Proprio così ragazze, i negozi e le strade iniziano ad accendersi di luci, magie e canzonette natalose. Dicembre è arrivato, portando con se quel pizzico di nebbia che fa da cornice al periodo più bello e speciale dell’anno, le case emanano gioia e calore i preparativi diventano un’occasione per passare più tempo con gli

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Andavo a cento all’ora per trovar la bimba mia ye ye ye ye – ye ye ye ye

Andavo a cento all’ora per cantar la serenata blen blen blen blen – buys buys buys buys.

Si proprio così a ritmo di musica tra gli anni 60′ e 70′ l’ Apecar most anticipated moment of the race through the city ready to truccarci all, proprio tutte. Si sa quando si

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“Se non esiste lo invento” la bellezza di questo motto e la bellezza del mio lavoro è proprio questa, nella continua ricerca c’è sempre qualcosa di nuovo e persone interessanti da conoscere. Così il MANTRA giornaliero di L.Rousseau e l’impatto visivo delle sue creazioni mi hanno conquistata. Un gioco interessante, fatto di linee

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Focus On

L’estate, we always leads to greater aesthetic care, both in view of the famous costume fitting but not only. We all know, that our skin and hair, are more exposed to the sun and possible risks, why there is a need to focus, to avoid effeto straw kinky hair that take, during these hot summers and hydrate hydrate is

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Pixie Cut

Every year, the question is the same, what will be the new cut to bring ?

The question is always the same, but the desire to change is so great and the innovations that bring us the Hair-Stylist also. So peering some pictures and look at the various sites of the blogosphere, captured just for us and suddenly the news arrives fresh fresh "PIXIE

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Day 6 Paris – The LAB

My holiday continues around the streets of Paris. How many of us wish to have a perfume, a fragrance that no one else have, that’s unknown, or friend may have? I think everybody, me included. Well if you’re in Paris and bump into St. Germain, you are in the right neighborhood for all this.

Pass the “Rue de Bourbon le Chateau” easy to reach thanks to its central location and this

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Look white and denim

After the looks for my birthday celebrated twice, today I chose comfort. This season, white is the color that always I like to wear, for me it is synonymous with summer and freshness. This look was done with two heads that I love, total white dress embellished with embroidery, a leather belt with vintage buckle color, enriched with a simple and practical denim jacket that you can always

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Stella McCartney Hawaii Print

This summer I want to live surrounded by many colors, prints and flowers .. and say that the answer was Stella McCartney. Her collection is full of fantastic combinations, but mostly thanks to digital printing, our beloved designers can indulge themselves in the constant search of flowers, waterfalls, animals … Let’s say that Stella did not really wrong, giving these beautiful creations. I opt

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Braid and Go

By now you know, by un'annetto about braids have become main accessory, at night, day for a party or class are the protagonists of our heads. For my hair too short at times I feel some side braid though they may grant my lengths, but if I were still raperonzolo once these are the hairstyles chosen, one thing is certain

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Look of Day

When I want to get comfortable especially after days of heels, the converse is the best solution. Today meeting with her friends before departure, I opted for a look based on simple with a touch of chic given by soft satin skirt playing down and converse with white t-shirt, ideal when you want to put something quick and ready, remember white t-shirts there must always

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