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If there is a sacred moment of the day, mine is definitely breakfast. Only after a good coffee and never before they draw the bases full day, being a good traditionalist by nature and character are strict on breakfast; coffee, brioche and a nice juice never fail. There is so much of this moment all Italian, in the new Fall / Winter

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My Look on Instagram

The month of May is now over and I write with a slight disappointment because it is my favorite month. The green flowers, the days are getting longer, wonderful sunsets grant him the first place in the standings. On the other hand we can say that the intrepid waiting towards the holidays output decreases and the countdown, starts to be a little bit lighter.

So we close the

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Buongiorno ragazzi, come si dice ” Il Mattino ha l’oro in bocca” allora ho puntato la mia sveglia presto per godermi tutta l’arte di questo weekend. Per chi ancora non lo sapesse, questo fine settimana essendo il primo della stagione primaverile, in tutta Italia saranno aperti al pubblico, la maggior parte dei musei e luoghi d’arte che conservano al loro interno numerose opere che

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Simply Céline

C’era una volta, una borsa di nome Céline, la più bella e contesa tra tutte, un giorno una studentessa milanese di nome Amanda, la vide nella sua splendida vetrina, con le sue linee asimmetriche dai colori candidi e tenaci, e fu amore folle e così sarà sino al suo attesissimo arrivo 🙂 Ragazze sono sicura che piacerà

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The happy discoveries!!!

Hello girls how it goes?

After 3 days of abstinence from you and from the blog, because of my computer inceppatosi for the umpteenth time, I discover only now the Blogger App was like a mirage, you can not imagine how much I missed you, from here I have no more problems I can upload, photo, video as well as show you everything that happens in the capital coolest of Italy during my days ... Not

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