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Day 3 Paris – Hermès Home

We all know that luxury and tradition have to name Hermès. Have one of these bags is really synonymous of class and style, but I think it would be even more, if your house was furnished with chic details and traditional, such as Hermès Home. I couldn’t visit the largest Hermès boutique in Paris, which is located at 16, Rue de Grenelle, practically in the district of Saint Germain. I was fascinated

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Day 2 Paris – Yayoi Kusama and Vuitton

On the second day, visit one of the most famous street in the world is a must. If you’re in Paris, you can’t wait that long to walk among the luxury shops on the Champs-Elysées, which for me, are like a magnet. The first place I headed was the building designer Louis Vuitton. Yayoi Kusama's red wig, and her touch of art to Polka Dot, turned on the Louis Vuitton boutique windows around the

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Day 1 Paris

Arrival in Paris at 23.30, which means to welcome us, a huge waterfall of rain, but it matters little, when you’re in a city that you love. Outside the airport, fortunately there is a Taxi ready to squirt away, in the direction of Royal Madeleine, where the hotel is located. The first actual day in Paris, there is a beautiful sunny day, which almost splits and also Sunday, so what better to do

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Ekseption Madrid

You know when you say touch and go? That was my day in Madrid. Waking up at 6 in the morning to do shopping in the streets of the beautiful Madrid is crazy, but what do you do for the love of meeting new boutiques, new places and new people .. all this in one day! In August, like in Milan, Madrid’s climate it’s so caliente, but that does not stop me, I go directly in Serrano

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The happy discoveries!!!

Hello girls how it goes?

After 3 days of abstinence from you and from the blog, because of my computer inceppatosi for the umpteenth time, I discover only now the Blogger App was like a mirage, you can not imagine how much I missed you, from here I have no more problems I can upload, photo, video as well as show you everything that happens in the capital coolest of Italy during my days ... Not

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