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Mai come in  questi ultimi tempi, il  pancione  è stato mostrato, al miglior dei modi. Le famose celebrity e socialite, come Alessandra D’ambrosio e Kourthney Kardashian, ne hanno fatto per tutti i nove mesi il loro punto di forza, la  punta di diamante di ogni outfit, persino i più attillati perchè è proprio così che deve essere, a quanto pare la maternità riscuote un gran successo

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Days of Fashion Week

In these days of Fashion Week, what I love most is to walk the streets and look, an outfit after another, to collect ideas, the streets are full of glamor! I had a walk in the blogosphere looking shots taken by people all over the world to collect even what my viewfinder could not capture.
I love Fashion Week!

In questi giorni di Fashion Week, ció che amo di più è camminare per le strade e guardare

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Focus Bag

We all know, that one of the must of the season was the Fluo. We saw on the streets bags, shoes, clothes and so many beautiful accessories fluorescent, to capture our attention. I was not the least, in fact in my trip to Paris, I had the opportunity to find a wonderful Stella Bag. The college bag, by Stella Rittwagen. I had doubt for choice the color  because

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Day 2 Paris – Yayoi Kusama and Vuitton

On the second day, visit one of the most famous street in the world is a must. If you’re in Paris, you can’t wait that long to walk among the luxury shops on the Champs-Elysées, which for me, are like a magnet. The first place I headed was the building designer Louis Vuitton. Yayoi Kusama’s red wig, and her touch of art to Polka Dot, turned on the Louis Vuitton boutique windows around the

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Ekseption Madrid

You know when you say touch and go? That was my day in Madrid. Waking up at 6 in the morning to do shopping in the streets of the beautiful Madrid is crazy, but what do you do for the love of meeting new boutiques, new places and new people .. all this in one day! In August, like in Milan, Madrid’s climate it’s so caliente, but that does not stop me, I go directly in Serrano

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Look white and denim

After the looks for my birthday celebrated twice,  today I chose comfort. This season, white is the color that always I like to wear, for me it is synonymous with summer and freshness. This look was done with two heads that I love, total white dress embellished with embroidery, a leather belt with vintage buckle color, enriched with a simple and practical denim jacket that you can always

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New upcoming Designer

Begins Francesca Liberatore fashion show. Curious to know about her proposal for this Spring / Summer 2013. I can’t wait to discover cuts, colors, fabrics used for this Fashion Show. The lights dim, and the pride made ​​in Italy screams her origins through forms, sensations, and dreams. Here at the Castello Sforzesco, breathes impatience, that all those present just waiting

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Fashion-show Backstage

Last day of Fashion-week, latest fashion shows in Milan. another backstage is beginning. After two days of rain, today the sun is on my side. The day is shining so begins my pre-fashion show, I headed to the Camera del Commercio in Via Clerici, where the make-up artist B-By Limoni have rigged the whole week, journalists and bloggers, all of them have passed through here before the

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Fashion Show

For the parade N-U-D-E New Upcoming design, I opted for a totally white outfit, a classic look but always perfect for this kind of occasion. The look was equipped with a jewel belt enriched with black and white stones. This detail make the look more fashion. A Hair-style faux disheveled with careful, Make-up by B-Limoni, I’m ready! waiting for the Fashion show, But I can’t wait so long!


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Buongiorno ragazzi, come si dice ” Il Mattino ha l’oro in bocca” allora ho puntato la mia sveglia presto per godermi tutta l’arte di questo weekend. Per chi ancora non lo sapesse, questo fine settimana essendo il primo della stagione primaverile, in tutta Italia saranno aperti al pubblico, la maggior parte dei musei e luoghi d’arte che conservano al loro interno numerose opere che

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